Breast Cancer…Through the Eyes of a 6 Year-Old

Breast Cancer….Through the eyes of my 6 year-old granddaughter, Laney

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March 31, 2013 · 7:06 pm

4 responses to “Breast Cancer…Through the Eyes of a 6 Year-Old

  1. Gayle Manahan

    I love Laney’s story and plan to share it with Chloe, who is now seven. You and I are among the lucky and blessed women who have survived to enjoy and teach our wonderful grands.
    Kudos again to you and Earlier,

    • Thanks so much, Gayle, for your kind words. I hope many parents and grandparents take the opportunity to share with their little people. I have experienced speaking to high school girls years ago who couldn’t even say “breast” without being embarressed to now, having a 6 year old make a presentation about breast cancer and philanthropy!

  2. Linda Rhyne

    Who would have guessed twenty years ago that you would have a granddaughter with such an extensive vocabulary and that there would not be a biological test yet? I know that she must be an inspiration to keep going. Thanks for sharing her.

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